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A Tutorial for Fan Lashes

application of an eyelash extension fan to a woman

A tutorial for Easy Fan Lashes with Mixed Trays

Easy fan lashes have revolutionized the lash extension industry, providing lash artists with a time-saving and convenient solution for creating volume lash sets. Mixed trays containing pre-made easy fan lashes offer versatility and efficiency, allowing you to customize lash looks for each client quickly. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of using a mixed tray of easy fan lashes to create stunning volume lash sets with ease.

Prepare Your Workspace

Begin by setting up your lash extension workstation with all the necessary tools and supplies. Ensure that your workstation is clean, organized, and well-lit to facilitate a smooth and efficient application process.

Select the Appropriate Lashes:

Examine the mixed tray of easy fan lashes and select the appropriate lash lengths, thicknesses, and curl types for your client's desired look. Easy fan lashes come in various options, allowing you to customize volume, length, and curl to suit each client's preferences.

Isolate and Prep the Natural Lashes:

Isolate the client's natural lashes using lash isolation tweezers and gently cleanse them with a lash-safe cleanser to remove any makeup, oil, or residue. Ensure that the natural lashes are clean and dry before proceeding with the application.

Create Easy Fan Lashes:

Hold the easy fan lash strip with your tweezers and gently pinch the base of the lashes to create a fan. Use your fingers or tweezers to adjust the width and density of the fan according to your desired volume and style. Repeat this process to create multiple easy fan lashes for application.

Dip and Attach the Easy Fan Lashes:

Dip the base of the easy fan lashes into a small amount of lash adhesive, ensuring that the adhesive coats the entire base of the fan evenly. Carefully place the easy fan lash onto the natural lash, positioning it close to the lash line without touching the skin. Use gentle pressure to secure the fan in place.

Repeat and Fill in Lash Line:

Continue creating and attaching easy fan lashes along the lash line, alternating between different lengths, thicknesses, and curl types to achieve a full and voluminous look. Pay attention to the spacing and direction of the lashes to create a seamless and natural-looking lash set.

Check for Symmetry and Balance:

Regularly step back and assess the symmetry and balance of the lash set to ensure that each eye has a consistent and harmonious appearance. Make any necessary adjustments to the placement or density of the lashes to achieve the desired look.

Final Touches and Aftercare:

Once you've completed the lash application, brush through the lashes with a mascara wand to ensure they are evenly distributed and free from tangles. Provide your client with aftercare instructions and recommend lash-safe products for maintaining their lash extensions between appointments.

Using a mixed tray of easy fan lashes is a convenient and efficient way to create stunning volume lash sets for your clients. By following this tutorial and mastering the art of easy fan application, you can offer high-quality volume lash services that leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful.


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